Proven Results

Cooling Over Time

brrrº technology is proven to reduce skin temperature by up to 3°F over 20 minutes of normal wear.

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Hohenstein Watson Cooling Test #

Cool to the Touch

brrrº fabrics are cool to the touch with more chill than comparable competitors.

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Qmax Cooling Test FTTS-FA-019

Faster Wicking

Our brrr° nylon fabric moves moisture away from your skin twice as fast as competitors, providing added cooling comfort.

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AATCC Liquid Moisture Mgmt Test 195TM

Releases Heat

brrr° cooling sheets conduct heat away from your skin significantly better than competitor cooling sheets, aiding in temperature management while you sleep.

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Measurement of Thermal Resistance ISO 11092-2014

Faster Drying

brrr° nylon fabric takes less time to dry, rapidly releases moisture into the air, keeping you dry and feeling fresh.

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AATCC Drying Rate of Fabric, Heated Plate Method 201-2014

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