brrr° Featured at the Functional Fabric Fair

This year’s digital New York Functional Fabric Fair focused on nature-inspired advances in fabric, and brrr° is honored to have been included in the exhibits for cutting-edge fabrics. 

The central theme of the show was finding ways to care for our environment by incorporating natural fibers or waste, recycled fibers or waste, environmentally-friendly production methods, and biodegradable or recyclable materials into fabric manufacturing.

The organizers of the Functional Fabric Fair Powered By Performance Days posed an important question to attendees: How can performance fabrics be both natural and functional?

By tapping into the natural properties of materials produced by nature — such as thermoregulation, moisture management and UV protection — fabric manufacturers can make significant advances in performance in an ecologically sustainable and responsible way.

brrr° prioritizes keeping its carbon footprint as small as possible, and offers recycled options for hundreds of fabrics in its library. 

The brrr° cooling fabrics were featured at the Functional Fabric Fair include:

  • Close to skin and base layer
    • brrr° K0146 (cooling stretch polyester) — Made with 82% brrr° Polyester, 18% Elastane/Spandex
  • Pants woven
    • brrr° D0003 (cooling stretch denim) — Made with 68% Cotton, 9% brrr° Polyester, 6% brrr° Nylon, 15% brrr° Rayon, 2% Elastane/Spandex
  • Shirts woven
    • brrr° W0041-1R (cooling stretch twill weave) — Made with 48% brrr° Nylon, 44% Recycled brrr° Nylon, 8% Elastane/Spandex

Thank you to our colleagues across the textile industry for sharing your knowledge and latest product developments at the Functional Fabric Fair. We always learn a great deal from this talented group, and it’s inspiring to see how innovative companies are looking to Mother Nature to improve their performance fabrics. 



cooling crop top

Stay Cool, Ladies!

Women can redefine their wardrobe essentials with this new line of cooling blouses by e-commerce apparel retailer ADAY.

The Cool-Down Crop is a sleeveless wrap with a hidden side snap, and it’s tailored to fit perfectly in all the right places.

ADAY is also offering the Chill Out Blouse, which is a reimagined V-neck with wide sleeves and a cinched waist for a flattering fit on any body shape.

Both tops are made with ADAY’s Cool Weave fabric powered by brrr°, which combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect that lasts all day. brrr° instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin, and the cooling technology is independently lab tested and proven to keep you cooler.

ADAY’s new tops featuring brrr° are also included in the company’s Summer Nights Capsule, which lets consumers choose three to five wardrobe pieces to mix and match. All of the items in the capsule are designed to be coordinated for multiple outfits, and they easily transition from work to play.

We’re proud to partner with ADAY, which was founded by a pair of women who formerly worked together at Goldman Sachs and wanted to bring innovative fabric technologies to the professional woman’s wardrobe.

ADAY quickly became known for creating everyday classic pieces that are versatile, comfortable, and functional.

Find out how brrr° can bring your fabric game to a higher level. You can reach us at

These Bermuda Shorts Are Effortlessly Cool

brrr cooling shortsLaidback Bermuda men’s apparel brand Coral Coast Clothing is bringing brrr° cooling fabric to summer wardrobes for an effortlessly cool look.

Coral Coast’s signature Bermuda Performance Shorts feature brrr°’s natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying that work together to create a Triple Chill Effect that provides all-day comfort from sunup to sundown. 

The shorts also offer UV sun protection and breathable mesh pockets for active lifestyles, and they are cut in Coral Coast’s classic 8 ¾ inseam for a modern fit.

The shorts have custom laser-engraved buttons and an embroidered angelfish above the back buttoned pocket that give a nod to Bermuda’s easygoing island lifestyle.

Available in classic colors like navy, gray mist, and roof white, Coral Coast also introduced a vibrant coral color this year that was inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019.


brrr° and MacBick Partner to Create Cooling Face Masks

cooling mask
CEO of Macbick, Bevin Carter wearing a mask made with brrrº cooling technology.

As a woman-owned business, brrr° is excited to partner with another woman-owned and operated business to bring cooling face masks to their employees and customers.

brrr° CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb worked with Bevin Carter, the CEO of Atlanta- based laboratory design/build firm MacBick, to develop masks made with cooling fabric that will help protect the health and safety of their workers and customers.

The brrr° masks will keep people cooler while they adjust to a new work environment and get back into the swing of things on the job.

The goal is to keep people cool and comfortable as they go about their daily business. Studies show that it’s harder to concentrate and focus on the task at hand when you are hot and uncomfortable, so improving the fabric and design of these masks will enhance productivity and creativity.

The masks are made of 54% BCI cotton, 41% brrrº nylon, and 5% spandex for stretch and better fit. Like all brrr° products, the masks are cool to the touch, quick-drying, and washable. They can be easily customized for different colors, patterns, logos, and other branding.

“We’re so happy that brrr° can provide cool comfort during this time as people start to return to work and adjust to new ways of doing business,” Kolb said. “We are excited to partner with another woman-owned company that is also passionate about innovation and collaboration and putting the needs of their employees and customers first.”

MacBick’s Carter says that as the COVID-19 pandemic created challenges in our everyday lives, it also created opportunities to innovate and find new ways to help slow the spread of coronavirus and reduce the risk of overwhelming the healthcare system.

Carter was looking for a comfortable face mask made with a unique fabric that was designed differently than others on the market, and she was thrilled to find a better solution for her employees and customers.

Working with brrr°, MacBick developed a face mask with breathable cloth that is cool to the touch and wicks away moisture. The masks help prevent the spread of germs and are more comfortable to wear during the workday and while running essential errands.

brrr° creates yarns and fabrics with patented cooling technology that uses natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a Triple Chill Effect that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin.

“As the world faces its biggest pandemic within the century, we are prepared to work tirelessly to continue developing innovative flexible lab solutions that drive productivity and collaboration. Together, we will fight this pandemic by sharing best practices, accelerating research for treatments and vaccines beyond commercial interests,” Carter said.

Find out how to get brrr° MacBick masks by reaching out to us at

cooling shirt

Poplin Style Shirts from Kit and Ace are brrrºeezy and Cool

Modern clothing should be able to go anywhere, and Canadian apparel brand Kit and Ace iscooling shirt all about all-day comfort for urban commuters.

We love Kit and Ace’s new lines of shirts made with brrr° cooling poplin-style fabric and cooling lightweight stretch fabric that are perfect for work, commuting, weekend play, and everywhere in between.

Kit and Ace’s technologically advanced shirts feature brrr° natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying, which work together to create a Triple Chill Effect that draws heat and moisture away from the skin.

The cooling powers of brrr° are independently lab tested and proven to outperform other products on the market. 

We enjoy working with another company that is just as passionate about advanced performance technology and functionality as we are.

Kit and Ace is committed to making clothing for commuting workers that is technologically advanced, comfortable, stylish, and built to last.


Sourcing Journal Features Mary-Cathryn Kolb

Thank you to Sourcing Journal reporter Sarah Jones for featuring brrr° Founder & CEO Mary-Cathryn Kolb in their Material Innovation 2020 report, which explores emerging trends in the textile industry!

brrrJones asked several executives from companies including The North Face, DuPont, Schoeller, Lenzing Group and brrr° to share their thoughts on what fabric innovation will look like in 2021 — especially in light of changing consumer needs and wants since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The responses were far-ranging and diverse, which was very refreshing and encouraging to see.

Textile executives touched on things as varied as the role e-textiles could play in capturing vital statistics like pulse rate and oxygen levels; advances in sustainability and traceability throughout the supply chain; and demonstrating the benefits of advanced fabrics through testing and scientific study.

Kolb said one major development she expects to see in 2021 is more demand from retailers and consumers for advanced products that do something to help people feel more comfortable. She also expects to find greater efficiencies in production and supply chains to give retailers more flexibility on order sizes as they test new products. 

“Retailers are increasingly looking for technological advances to differentiate their products and entice customers to spend, especially in the post-COVID environment,” Kolb said.

“Fabric performance is at the top of that list, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for it. We think 2021 is going to be a year of major advances in cooling technology. Finding more efficient ways to produce the yarn and fabric. Being able to make smaller and more frequent orders in a more nimble way.”

Subscribers to Sourcing Journal can download the full report here.

Stay Fit and Cool with the Greyson Guide Workout Shirt

Staying fit and taking care of your health and wellbeing are especially important right now, and we’re big fans of Guide Sport Tee by Greyson.

The Guide workout shirt is the newest addition to Greyson’s collection of pieces for active lifestyles. It combines the high performance of a workout shirt with the casual styling of an everyday wardrobe staple. We like the way it looks equally great while exercising, or paired with jeans for a casual vibe.

Made with a blend of 94% brrr° cooling nylon and 6% spandex, the Guide Sport Tee features a powerful mix of natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying technologies that work together to draw heat and moisture away from your skin.

That means it will help you feel better and have greater endurance while you’re exercising so you can perform your best.

With ultimate stretch and freedom of movement, the Guide Sport Tee offers superior comfort that lasts all day. It also has 50+ UPF protection to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays during outdoor activities.

Cool Comfort with Mizzen+Main Blazers

Men can feel fresh and confident in even the hottest summer months with performance fabric blazers by Mizzen+Main.

The sport coats feature linings made with brrr° cooling technology, which combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying. brrr° instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin for maximum comfort and superior breathability.

The Mizzen+Main blazers also have a two-way stretch with a touch of spandex to support an active lifestyle.

With a stylish notch lapel, two-button single breast, patch pockets, and double rear vents, the blazer has a modern trim fit that transitions easily from daytime to evening.

Comfortably Cool at Work & Play

cooling shirt

We adore the new line of performance button-downs and vented shirts by Mississippi-based casual lifestyle brand Genteal Apparel.

The new line of performance clothing features brrr° cooling technology, with natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying.

brrr° fabric actively reduces skin temperature by drawing heat and moisture away from the skin, and it’s independently lab tested and proven to keep you cooler.

These Genteal shirts also have innovative stretch technology for ultimate comfort, and a built-in chamois cloth to clean and polish sunglasses.

With a variety of colors and styles in their performance casual dress shirts, Genteal offers an effortlessly cool look for both work and play.

Six effective ways to secure customer feedback feat. brrrº

Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust

Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust is an invite-only network of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in Atlanta.

A business performs best when leadership has insight into customers’ wants and experiences. Such insight can help guide service offerings, provide marketing copy and more. In theory, getting customer feedback is easier today than it ever has been — online surveys, review sites and multiple social media outlets offer tools for both businesses and consumers. However, persuading your customers to share their experiences can be challenging.

Below, six leaders from Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust share strategies about when and how businesses can approach their customers for feedback, as well as what they should do with the information they receive.

1. Have someone else solicit feedback.

Asking for candid feedback can be awkward, and a fear of offending or hurting feelings can make people reluctant to say what they really think. So have someone else do it. Ask a trusted person from your marketing or PR team, a consultant, an outside adviser, or even a board member to ask specific questions (for consistency), and make sure some of those questions are about what could be better. – Mary-Cathryn Kolbbrrrº

2. Show your commitment to customer care.

The entire customer journey experience — from a website visit to a phone call, email or in-person interaction — is paramount. Every touchpoint should be one that reinforces your business’s commitment to customer care. If this is done successfully, the customer will be more inclined to provide feedback without your needing to ask. – Don DoddsM16 Marketing

3. Always respond to all feedback.

I’d recommend making it a clear goal to seriously respond to all feedback (positive and negative) your customers give you. This way, you will get an active feedback loop with your customers. – Mats-Ola BydellOdgers Berndtson

4. Ask what you can do to improve.

We ask our clients to rate their satisfaction level at the end of each project. We ask them not only what they felt went well with the project but also what we could have done better. – Michele GrantBlock + Tackle

5. Start by building a strong bond.

We kick off every client relationship with a half-day offsite that encourages team bonding. Everyone working on the project, both on the agency’s side and the client’s side, attends with the goals of getting to know each other better and setting a foundation where trust can begin to build. We find that a trusting partner is more likely to openly share feedback. – Jeff HilimireDragon Army

6. Focus on encouraging referrals.

We always strive to perform the best we can, and we have an annual stewardship review with our clients to receive direct feedback. However, the best feedback we can receive is when a client refers us to someone new — it’s the best strategy for us to know if we are executing on our client service commitments and goals. – Neil MetzheiserLockton Companies, LLC