Why Athleisure is Here to Stay

Series: Sport Fabric, Part 1: The Staying Power of Athleisure

Athleisure took the apparel industry by storm in 2010, and some critics said the casual clothing style was probably a passing fad. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Athleisure is now a lifestyle brand and an entire category of its own. It’s the new casual and has gone both more upscale and more downscale -- from $200 performance sports bras to distressed sweatpants.

Athleisure everywhere, everday
Picture by Megan Weaver & Andrea Overturf

Beyond the gym and weekend errand running, athleisure clothes can even be spotted

 at the office with stretchy slacks made of the same material as yoga pants, or bras that transition from daytime wear to spin class.

Athleisure clothes have broadened beyond tracksuits and sweatpants to now include leggings, joggers, shirts, sports bras, tops and tennis dresses.

Women are wearing nicer-looking yoga pants and leggings to the office underneath dresses and tunics -- and then keeping those same pants on for a hot yoga class after work.

Men are buying compression pants to wear under athletic shorts for additional warmth or support, and some are ditching baggy sweatpants in favor of more flattering and form-fitting running pants or basketball pants. Some men have swapped out traditional cotton undershirts for compression shirts that wick away sweat better and keep them cool and dry.

In addition to comfort and aesthetics, many consumers choose athleisure clothes for their technologically advanced fibers that wick away sweat, improve airflow and breathability, reduce odor and protect from harmful UV rays.

To be sure, athleisure clothes haven’t replaced activewear and sportswear, which tend to be tighter fitting and offer more support for intense exercise and movement.

They have influenced design, and many sports brands have migrated toward a more multi-purpose look that can transition from gym to grocery store to brunch with a friend.

We love seeing this trend evolve, and we’re proud to be an influencer of the next generation of athleisure wear.

Better with brrrº

brrrº’s technology can be incorporated in both athleisure and sportswear and has unique lab-tested cooling properties that make clothes perform better. With natural cooling minerals embedded right in the yarn, plus proprietary wicking and airflow technology, brrr° fabrics create a Triple Chill Effect that keeps you cool when life brings the heat.

A Day in the Life of Mary Cathryn Kolb

To kick off our new series “A Day in the Life of…” We are going to start with the creator of brrrº, Mary Cathryn Kolb.  Mary Cathryn was asked about her favorite daily picks and her routine. 

When do you usually wake up?

6:30 am


What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I walk my puppy, Belle


What is your go-to breakfast?

Daily Harvest smoothie


After breakfast, what is your priority?

Breakfast happens at red lights taking my kids to school


Do you have a daily routine or does it vary day by day?

Pretty much daily


When you get to work, what is the first thing you do?

Tell each and every employee that “It’s a great day to be brrrº”


Is every day different? What are the different tasks/things you do during the day?

Being the owner of a company, every day is different


How long do you usually spend working on brrrº in a day?

26 hours of the day


Do you eat anything in particular for lunch?



What are your favorite snacks?

Peanut butter and apples


What do you do when you get off work?

I start my other full-time job – being Mom.


Are you relaxing at the end of the day or still working?

Still working


What is your favorite part of the day?

5:30 when I see my kids


If you have extra time in the day how do you spend it or like to spend it?

With my kids


8 Things you Didn’t know about Mary Cathryn:

Where are you from (hometown)?

Thomasville, Ga


Where did you go to college?

Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas


What is your favorite hobby? 

Horseback riding


How do you destress?

Hangout with my kids


What is your favorite travel destination?

 Beach, tropical


What is your Favorite Color?



What is a fun fact about you?

I have a twin brother


What is your favorite quote?

None goes his way alone: All that we send into the lives of others. Comes back onto our own.”


“brrrº” It’s Cold in Here, It Must be our Fabric in the Atmosphere

Grab a jacket, we are going into the Triple Chill Effect, the power behind brrrº’s technology.

The science behind brrrº's permanent cooling is three-fold called the Triple Chill Effect. The permanently cooling technology is a multifold effect consisting of patented natural cooling minerals that are extruded in the core of the fibers. The minerals undergo a reversible endothermic reaction, triggered by body heat.

This cooling is enhanced by the passage of air through the fabric and the air flow is enhanced due to the patented fabric weave and knit structure. The larger pore size in the fabric facilitates and amplifies the cooling effect via air permeability.

The fiber cross-sections allow for better wicking leading to good thermal effusivity. The moisture-wicking capability and quick dry nature of the fabric pulls away the sweat and accelerates the cooling provided by the fabric. brrrº fabrics are proven to not only cool instantaneously but also permanently over time. This cool will never wash away.

The Triple Chill Effect is proven that it works for you all day, every day. Our fabrics go through rigorous testing by global textile labs, we have scientifically proven that brrr° keeps you cooler. Click this link now:https://brrr.com/proven/


Do You Want to Sleep like Royalty?

With brrrº’s seamless king size sheets being released this Spring you can sleep like royalty. We are the first fabric cooling company to make seamless California king size sheets that keep you cool and refreshed throughout the night.

Seamless cooling bedding means endless comfort during the most restorative part of the day- our sleep time. Comfort performance bedding helps people enjoy a sounder sleep. In our cooling sheets, our Triple Chill Effect is in action with our natural cooling minerals, superior wicking, and enhanced airflow to create an instant and permanent cool that will never wash out!

brrrº designed these sheets due to one of our bedding clients, Downlite having interest in seamless California king bed sheets. Due to this interest, we indulged in trying to develop the product for them. brrrº spent multiple months developing a unique knitting process in order to bring this idea to life.

Seamless California king sheets mean more comfort, more durability with fewer chances of the seam bursting resulting in a longer-lasting product. Downlite brrr° sheets keep people cooler and more comfortable while they sleep. Minimizing night sweats and overheating allows people to sleep harder, thus helping them wake up feeling more rested and alert, according to numerous sleep studies by the National Institutes of Health and other sleep professionals.

Sleep is a necessity and can affect every aspect of your life. We as humans are more productive with a good night’s sleep. With brrrº’s seamless cooling sheets, you will get that rest you need to have more energy, think more clearly, and work more efficiently.


Texworld 2018 Recap

New York City is known to be the city that never sleeps and that is reflected in brrrº’s trip to the TexWorld conference. On the first day, brrrº was pleased with how many people were truly interested in our technology. Once the crowds came and felt our fabrics, especially some of our new innovative fabrics they were really hooked.

The response to brrrº was incredible; everyone had a positive response to our technology. They understood brrrº and our technology, as well as asked questions about it to further their knowledge. They were definitely more curious once they felt the coolness of our fabric. The best response was from a CEO of a clothing line company shrieking at a lady, “this really works!”

Our material scientist, Apurba said her favorite part of the show was “interacting with both big and small businesses in a single show. It is a rare case when an EXPO can provide a holistic experience. We attracted everyone from wholesale buyers, product developers, to entrepreneurs and fashion designers.”

With the show’s atmosphere reflecting New York City, it was full of busy and professional individuals. It was definitely worth our time being there. The positive response from our audience was unbelievable. The trust people showed in our proven technology was special. Here’s to our first conference show and many more!

brrrº's booth from TexWorld was cool and inviting.